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Introduction of Medical Education

Zhejiang Cancer Hospital is the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. It undertakes the training of medical talents, which includes undergraduate clinical practice, graduate cultivation, standardized training of residents, continuing medical education and refresher training. In 2017, the hospital was approved as a national standardized training base for residents. It has 9 professional bases, which respectively are surgery, internal medicine, radiation oncology, anesthesiology, clinical pathology, medical laboratory, Radiology, ultrasound medicine and nuclear medicine, and enrolls more than 150 resident trainees annually. The hospital is listed as the "First Provincial Training Base" of the skills improvement project of the Surgical Base of the Institute of Hospital Management of the National Health Commission, the training base of Clinical pharmacists of the Chinese Medical Association, the training base of restricted medical technology of Zhejiang Province, the Training base of Chronic Disease Health Management-Cancer Screening and Early Diagnosis, and the Cardiovascular Emergency Training Center of the American Heart Association (AHA). Currently, the hospital and its institute have 173 graduate supervisors in total, including 55 doctoral supervisors. As 363 full-time graduate students were enrolled in 2022. we have more than 1,000 students and various trainees in the hospital at present. The hospital has formed a medical talent training system with a solid foundation, excellent specialties and broad disciplines.