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  • Department of Cancer Prevention (formerly the Office of Zhejiang Cancer Center), also entitled Zhejiang Provincial Office for Cancer Prevention and Control (ZPOCPC), is affiliated to the Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHUCAS, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital). DCP, a team with high political quality, strong professionalism, youthful spirit and enormous energy, consists of 11 full-time staffs, including 5 with Master/PhD degree (2 PhDs), 3 with senior professional title, and 4 members from Chinese Communist Party. Due to the outstanding performance over the last decade, DCP is granted a number of prestigious awards such as “Advanced Collective for Disease Prevention and Control in Zhejiang Province” (2012), “Outstanding Contribution Award of Provincial Organization of National Cancer Registration” (consecutively during 2012-2019), “Advanced Collective of Urban Cancer Screening Program”(2017), “Advanced Provincial Management Organization of the National Early Diagnosis and Treatment Program for Upper Digestive Tract Cancer”(2019), “Provincial Model Staff Center”(2018), and “Five-star Provincial Youth Civilization”(2019).

  • ZPOCPC, established in 1971, is affiliated to Zhejiang Cancer Hospital. ZPOCPC is responsibility for the cancer prevention and control across Zhejiang Province, including main tasks as below: 1) assist Provincial Health Commission in formulating provincial plan for cancer prevention and control; 2) build up provincial network for cancer prevention and control; 3) popularize appropriate and effective techniques for cancer prevention and control; 4) organize data collection (including data follow-up) and data mining for cancer registries across Zhejiang Province; 5) implement screening and early detection of major cancers in Zhejiang Province; 6) carry out relevant training, academic exchanges and international collaborations; 7) propagandize knowledge relevant to cancer prevention and treatment.

    ZPOCPC, being one of the first provincial guiding units for research on cancer early detection and early treatment in China, has been carrying out cancer surveillance, early detection and early treatment in 11 cities across Zhejiang Province, which are funded by 7 National Key Public Health Programs (overall budgets nearly 24 million RMB). Notably, part of our cancer surveillance data with high quality has been included by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in the Cancer Incidence in Five Continents (CI5) Volume since 1993-1997.

ZPOCPC, as the unit for provincial technical guidance, will carry out provincial colorectal cancer screening program from 2020, which is funded by the Zhejiang provincial government. We are planning to accomplish colorectal cancer screening task for 16 million registered populations in 5 years across Zhejiang Province.

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Last update on 9 March 2020