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Gynecological Surgery

General introduction:
Gynecologic surgical department is one of the earliest established professional divisions in China which is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic neoplasms. There are 36 gynecologic oncologists and 61 nurses committed to providing comprehensive medical services and surgical care.

Our Expertise:
Around 1200 cases of cervical cancer and 400 cases of ovarian cancer as well as many other gynecological tumors are treated in our department each year. We perform a wide range of surgeries from minimally invasive procedures to more complex open surgeries such as ultra-radical surgery in advanced ovarian cancer, pelvic exenteration, radical hysterectomy and radical trachelectomy, etc. We carry out chemotherapy, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immune therapy and other medical treatments. We work in multidisciplinary teams to develop an individualized treatment for many patients. We have participated in around 10 international and domestic multicenter clinical trials. Our training system receives more than 30 doctors annually which is designed to improve their diagnosis and treatment ability in gynecological tumors and enhance their surgical skills.

Our Mission: 
We have been committed to the prevention and treatment of gynecological tumors as well as improving the whole level of cancer treatment strategy, and establishing the standards.


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