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Introduction of the Clinical Laboratory Department

The clinical laboratory department was established in 1963 with the Cancer Hospital, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHUCAS, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital). It has become a modern medical laboratory center, undertaking high volume of clinical tests and cutting-edge scientific researches. The department provides more than 300 different examinations, performs over 2 million tests annually, and provides 24 hours/day services of specialized clinical laboratory testing on blood, urine, stool, and other body fluids from patients.



There are 49 staff members in the department, including 4 chief technologists, 11 associate-chief technologists and 34 technicians. Our team includes 5 Ph.D., 2 of them had post-doctorate trainings, 14 M.Phil., and 14 licensed M.D.

Several experts in our department hold adjunct-professor positions in universities, shouldering important positions at the national and provincial professional associations, including the director of China Blood Transfusion Society, members of target therapy professional committee in China Anti-cancer Association, members of molecular pathology section in Chinese Medical Association, members of specialized standing committee of Cancer Biomarker in China Anti-cancer Association, members of department of laboratory physicians in the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the deputy director of the Laboratory Medicine Branch, Precision Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association etc. Experts in the department also serve as editorial board members of the Journal of Practical Medical Laboratory, Zhejiang Medical, Chinese Journal of Clinical Laboratory Science and China Oncology, and reviewers of many prestigious journals.


Specialized laboratories

There are 7 professional laboratories, including outpatient clinical lab, clinical examination lab, biochemical lab, immunology lab, microbiology lab, blood transfusion and molecular diagnostic lab.

The department is supplied with many advanced equipment, including automatic hematology analyzers, automatic coagulation analyzers, automatic biochemistry analyzers, automatic urine analyzers, automatic immunology fluorescence analyzers, a microbial mass spectrometry analyzer, flow cytometers (FCM) and real-time fluorescence PCR analyzers, etc. The liquid biopsy projects have also been carried out, such as EGFR mutation test, Septin9 methylation test, and SCD2 methylation test in blood sample and/or other body fluids. After passing inspection, our lab can conduct the RNA testing for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Technologists are racing against time to conduct the COVID-19 nucleic acid tests.

Clinical examination laboratory and outpatient clinical laboratory:

Routine tests: CBC, coagulation analysis, urinary sediment and dry chemical analysis, routine analysis of body fluids and feces, and ESR analysis.

Featured tests: analysis of coagulation factors and bone marrow examination.

Biochemical laboratory:

Routine tests: analysis of liver and renal function, blood-lipoids and diabetes, microelements determination, electrolyte analysis, and screening of infection markers.

Featured tests: glycated albumin, and homocysteine.

Immunology laboratory:

Routine tests: tumor markers and autoantibody detection, allergen and specific protein determination.

Featured tests: growth hormone, IgG subtype analysis, free light chain, and HIV detection.

Microbiology laboratory:

Routine tests: cultivation, identification and antibiotic sensitivity analysis of different kinds of bacteria, fungus and mycobacterium.

Featured tests: H1N1 antigen detection, identification and antibiotic sensitivity analysis of Anaerobe and Microaerophilic bacterium, and surveillance of hospital infection.

Blood transfusion:

Routine tests: typing, crossmatching of blood, and surveillance of the reception, preservation and distribution of blood (red blood cells, platelets, and plasma).

Featured tests: irregular antibody, platelet antibody, thrombelastogram.

Molecular diagnostic laboratory:

Routine tests: EGFR mutation test, HCV-RNA, EBV-RNA, CD4, CD8, Septin9 methylation test, and SCD2 methylation test.

Featured tests: COVID-19-RNA and CD34 stem cells.


Quality control

The laboratory carries out the quality control rules and regulations strictly, trailing and controlling the instruments every day. As an advanced group of quality control in Zhejiang province, the whole department has carried out a standardized quality control policy and continuously obtained excellent results for years in quality assessment activities from the National Center for Clinical Laboratories and the Zhejiang Center for Clinical Laboratories. The laboratory is one of the reference centers and the training bases of medical inspection practitioners in Zhejiang province.


Scientific research and educational achievements

The department has undertaken and participated in projects from the National 863 Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), provincial and ministerial foundations, provincial Health Department and provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

More than 200 papers including over 30 SCI papers have been published in various academic journals. Two Chinese National Invention Patents have been authorized to our department. We are involved in writing 5 monographs and 1 popular science book.

We have won the first prize for three times at the youth medical skills competition in Zhejiang province healthcare system in 2010, 2013, and 2018. We have won the third prize of Zhejiang Province Natural Science Scholarship for 5 times.


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