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Bone & Soft Tissue Surgery

The Department of Bone and Soft Tissue Surgery, Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHUCAS, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital) is one of the earliest departments, focus on the treatment of bone and soft tissue tumor, cutaneous tumor and retroperitoneal tumor in China. There are more than 40 beds in our department. Our team consists of 8 talented surgeons, holding master degree or PhD.

As a part of CHUCAS, the department provides almost all kinds of oncotherapies. We pioneer in intraoperative high dose brachytherapy combined with hyperthermia therapy for soft tissue sarcoma in China. This therapy not only reduces the local recurrence but also increases the rate of limb salvage. What is more, followed by limb functional reconstruction with artificial arthroplasty, we serve the limb salvage operation for osteosarcoma patients after neo-adjuvant chemotherapy with high dose MTX and ifosfamide. Furthermore, we reconstruct motor function biomechanically with assistance of 3D Printing technology following pelvic and sacral tumor resection. 

Another superiority is the integration of microsurgery into oncosurgery. Traditional oncological surgeries for sarcoma have seen a lot of resultant dysfunction. We use myocutaneous flaps and muscle flaps to repair the skin and soft tissue defect and to rebuild motor functions. For example, we recover shoulder abduction by using latissimus dorsi after deltoidectomy.

We also operate on patients with spinal and limb metastasis following MDT review, to improve their quality of life. The operations involve PVP/PKP, arthroplasty and internal fixation including total en bloc spondylectomy (TES).

We are experienced in diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of cutaneous tumors, including melanoma, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, cutaneous basal cell carcinoma and Merkel cell carcinoma. We treat more than 400 cutaneous tumor patients per year. We are one of the earliest teams to carry out sentinel lymph node biopsy of melanoma with γ detector and nuclide in China. Moreover, our department is one of the few departments which perform isolated limb infusion for patients suffering from transitional metastatic melanoma or unresectable extremity sarcoma. Targeted therapy and immunotherapy have been widely used in the department.

Last Update: Mar. 2020