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The Anesthesiology department at Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHUCAS,Zhejiang Cancer Hospital), is made up of a talented group of physicians and many others dedicated to providing the very best anesthesia and pain medicine care for our cancer patients. Our group continues to focus on excellence in all areas of our practice, clinical care, research and education. We have 47 physicians, 10 nurses of PACU, plenty of residents and medical students in the department working together to achieve our goals. We are one of the national residency training center, providing rich training experiences for anesthesiology residents.


Our clinical practice has grown along with CHUCAS, and we now have 26 operating rooms providing over 30000 anesthetics per year. We provide comprehensive patient care starting with an initial evaluation. Patients undergo surgery in the operating room and receive care in the PACU. We also have Acute Pain groups, aiming at relieving acute pain after operation. Furthermore, we provide care for the critically ill patients. Up to now, we have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safety of our patients that include advanced anesthesia machine, vital signs monitor, EEG monitoring, ultrasound machine, multifunctional blood gas analyzer, radiofrequency therapy instrument for pain, autologous blood recycle machine, cardiac output monitor and fiber bronchoscope.

Our department has accumulated plenty of experiences in tumor anesthesia, analgesia management and difficult airway management. We are proficient in various advanced invasive and non-invasive monitoring techniques, for instance, ultrasound guided nerve block, thoracic epidural analgesia, spontaneous breathing anesthesia for thoracic surgery, multimodal analgesia and enhanced recovery protocols.

Additionally, we have experienced physicians in the pain clinic, providing standard therapy for the cancer patients with chronic pain. And minimally invasive interventions such as intrathecal morphine pump for the refractory pain cancer patients are also available in the ward.



Last update: Mar 2020