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2018 HISO, A Smashing Success



On October 19-21, 2018, with the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, the 2018 Hangzhou International Symposium of Oncology & 6th ZJCH - MDACC Joint Conference was held in Hangzhou, China. It was an academic feast that we should all savor and enjoy.

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The opening ceremony of HISO this year was chaired by Dr. Ming Chen, Vice President of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital. Prof. Weimin Mao, Director of Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association delivered the welcoming speech, and later Prof. TJ Liu, Project Director of Office of Global Academic Programs, MD Anderson Cancer Center made the opening speech.


Prof. Xiuwu Bian, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences also Director of Department of Pathology, The First Hospital Affiliated to Army Medical University, Prof. Zhiqiang Meng, Directorof Integrated Traditional & Western Medicine, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center and Prof. Yan Wang, Member of Research and Development Center of Image Processing, Zhejiang University shed their lights on tumor treatment and research.


Prof. Andy Futreal, Chair of Department of Genomic Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center and together with another 7 professors from MDACC attended the conference and delivered lectures on cutting-edge researches. In addition, Prof. Michele Carbone, Director of Thoracic Oncology, University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Prof. Haining Yang, Tenured Professor of Cellular Biology, University of Hawaii Cancer Center, and Prof. Edward A Graviss, Director of HMRI Molecular Tuberculosis Laboratory, Houston Methodist Research Institute also share pioneering research and best practices in treating patients with cancers. 


Prof. Weimin Mao and other 5 professors from ZJCC enlighten attendees with their research.


In summary, 20 presentations have been delivered and among them, there were 2 mini-oral presentations given by talented clinicians from Zhejiang Cancer Hospital with number of attendees exceeding 300.